The question I get asked the most is...You guessed it!

"Can I get a General Quote?" or "How much do you charge per person?"

I agree, Its  good question. and one I want to answer for you,

Determining your budget ahead of time is paramount to a successful transaction.

Like any other Major life purchases your event is a big deal !-and It's a big deal to us as well!

Knowing what you are willing to spend or are comfortable with spending ahead of time is in large, connected to your satisfaction.

Below are a few tips on pricing and planning that you'll want to discuss with your service provider to avoid surprise and get the most value for your money. 

Mid Coast Caterers has a love for entertaining unsurpassed, and a 

commitment to excellence renewed for every occasion.

As your caterer I am fully committed to working within your budget to provide you

and your guests with the best experience for the greatest value. 

Determing Factors

You've heard it before.

Location, Location, Location

Your venue can be one of the largest determining factors in the production of your event. If your venue is your favorite secluded beach down a rocky path or halfway up Katahdin Mountain you should expect to pay a little more for set up, break down and length of service. Also if your venue has a commercial kitchen with plenty of refrigeration, counter space and an approved water source your caterer should be very pleased and labor charges should be lower. 

Conversely , expect the opposite to be the norm if those accoutrements are not included at your venue

The Format

Format is also an important factor. From Table side service to hot buffets or the casual picnic. Your chosen format (and the number of guests) impacts the number of staff required. Be certain to discuss with your caterer the number of attendants you are paying for and the level of service that will be provided for your guests

The Meal

Mid Coast Caterers posts current food pricing with every menu. 

If you have a custom menu in mind Mid Coast Caterers is happy to quote you a per person price to get the ball rolling. In addition to food you are likely to be charged for rented equipment, labor, sales tax and gratuity. Be sure to inquire about all potential charges to avoid surprises. 

Other Factors
Equipment or rental fees
Expected guest count.

Guest demographic,

special dietary requirement, 

Length of event 

Special dates (ie. July 4, Christmas Eve, Valentines Day)